• Products available for private labelling include sensors, cables, proximity probe sets, magnets, and vibration test points. Signal conditioners are not currently available for private labelling.
  • Must be an OEM customer to request a private-labeled CTC part.
  • Physical modifications to standard CTC products (other than or in addition to the logo and other markings) are considered custom products and are subject to the warranty, return, and requirements of custom products. Should you wish to modify the product in a way that would change the build, please submit a Custom Part Request.
  • We require a simplistic, monochromatic/1-color logo for successful engraving on the part. Accepted logo file formats include:
    • .DXF (preferred)
    • .AI
    • .EPS
  • If one of the above file formats cannot be provided, CTC will be unable to accept your private label part request.
  • Requested part number must consist of only:
    • Capital Letters
    • Numbers
    • Backslashes
    • Dashes
  • Requested part numbers may not contain special characters, such as:
    • Underscores
    • Periods
    • Spaces
    • Symbols/glyphs
  • Private Label sensors, cables, and proximity probe sets are subject to a minimum order quantity of 10 pieces per part number. If you wish to receive a first piece sample for new private label parts, please contact your sales manager to assist you. While CTC requires that you place a minimum order of at least 10 pieces, your sales manager would be happy to assist you with an order split so that you may receive the first piece sample before releasing the remainder of the order. *Please note, this only applies to the first order for a new part. Private label parts may not be split into an order quantity less than 10 pieces after the first piece sample has been approved.
  • Mounting Targets can be private labelled, and are subject to a $1 upcharge and a minimum order quantity of 500 pieces per order.
  • Cable Termination Boxes may be private labeled. The exterior of the box can be engraved with a custom engraving. However, the interior of the box will feature a PCB board with the CTC logo, which cannot be removed or changed. Private labeled CT boxes are subject to a minimum order quantity of 10 pieces per part number.

If you meet the requirements to be considered for a private-label product, please submit your request using the form below:


Submit Your Request - using the website form above
Approval/Denial of Your Request - you'll be notified within 1 Week from your submission date
Print Created and Sent for Customer Approval - you'll receive your print within 1 Week of CTC's approval of the project
Part Number Created & Ready to Order - parts are ready to order within 1 Week of your approval of the print

*Please note: we require all steps in the above timeline to be completed before an order can be placed for your private-label part. Once your print is signed and your part set up is complete, you will be notified by your CTC sales manager that your private-label part is ready for order. CTC works hard to ensure all accepted private-label parts are turned around in a timely manner and will always strive to complete them faster if possible. However, please understand that the turnaround time for new private-label parts cannot be expedited upon request.


Change and Cancellation Policy

CTC builds all private label part numbers to the most current, approved print. If you have placed an order, CTC will build the order according to the print in our system as of the order date. No changes can be made to orders currently in process. If you wish to make a change, you must request a new print to reflect any desired edits, and the changes can be made for all future orders. Please note, if you request a changed print while you have current open orders, CTC will not halt production of orders in process without specifically requested to do so.



Private-label parts are covered by an industry-leading, 2-year unconditional warranty. Should your private-label part fail within 2 years of manufacture, CTC will repair or replace the product, free of charge.


Expedite Policy

Private-label parts qualify to be considered for expedited shipment requests if the part number already exists in our system for the order. If you would like to expedite your existing private-label part number, requests are subject to CTC's standard expedite fee, if accepted. Expedited private-label products cannot be returned or canceled. New private-label part requests cannot be expedited.


Cancelation and Return Policy

Private-label parts qualify for free cancelation only if canceled within 24 hours of order entry. If canceled after this point, private-label parts are subject to a 50% cancelation fee.

Private-label parts qualify for a 50% refund if returned in new and unused condition within 90 days of shipment.




  • There is no minimum order quantity for custom parts.
  • Please submit as much information as possible, including datasheets, drawings, and/or technical specifications.

Custom products are quoted and built specifically to the requirements of the customer. CTC strives to accommodate as many custom part requests as possible, but we reserve the right to accept or deny custom part requests based on viability.

To submit a custom part request, please use the form below:

Custom Part Request Form




Once your custom part request is submitted, please allow one week for approval/denial of the project. 

If your request is approved, the turnaround timeline will be established at the time of approval after the supply chain and engineering time are evaluated for your project. Once your custom project is approved, CTC will provide a print of the part for approval/change requests.

Once the print is approved, your CTC sales manager will inform you when the part number is set up and ready to order.

Once the order has been placed, CTC will do a one-piece verification build. This one-piece build will be shipped to you for final approval before the remainder of your order is fulfilled.



Custom parts are covered by CTC's best-in-class unconditional lifetime warranty. Should your custom part ever fail, CTC will repair or replace the product, free of charge.


Expedite Policy

Custom products qualify to be considered for expedited shipment requests if the part number already exists in our system for order. If you would like to expedite your existing custom product part number, requests are subject to CTC's standard expedite fee, if accepted. Expedited custom parts cannot be returned or canceled. New custom part requests cannot be expedited.


Cancelation and Return Policy

Custom parts ordered are non-cancelable, non-changeable, non-returnable, and non-refundable.

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