Junction Box Accessories


JB901-1A BNC panel mount jack JB901-1A Datasheet


JB902-1A BNC cap cover with chain JB902-1A Datasheet


JB903-1A Cord grip for use with CTC junction boxes, for cable diameters .118" - .256" (3.0 - 6.50 mm) JB903-1A Datasheet


JB904-2A 2 pin flange mount connector JB904-2A Datasheet


JB905-1A 12 position plug, spring cage JB905-1A Datasheet


JB905-2A 12 position plug, screw terminal JB905-2A Datasheet


JB906-1A BNC to BNC bulk head connector JB906-1A Datasheet


JB907-1A 3 position plug, spring cage JB907-1A Datasheet


JB907-2A 3 position plug, screw terminal JB907-2A Datasheet


JB930-1A 4 Position Plug, Spring Cage, for use in Dual Panel Switch Boxes JB930-1A Datasheet


JB931-1A 4 Position Plug, Screw Terminal for use in Dual Panel Switch Boxes JB931-1A Datasheet


JB907-3A 3 Position “T” Plug for SSB Series Pass Through Option JB907-3A Datasheet


JB907-4A 9 Position “T” Plug for MMX-MOD3 Series Pass Through Option JB907-4A Datasheet


JB932-1A 5 Position Plug, Spring Cage JB932-1A Datasheet


JB933-1A 5 Position “T” Plug, with Screw Terminals JB933-1A Datasheet


JB934-1A Terminal Block, Black, One Piece, Three Position, Din Rail Mountable JB934-1A Datasheet


JB934-2A Terminal Block, White, One Piece, Four Position, Din Rail Mountable JB934-2A Datasheet


JB938-1A 1 inch Rigid Body Conduit Fitting JB938-1A Datasheet


JB938-2A 1 - 1/4 inch Rigid Body Conduit Fitting JB938-2A Datasheet


JB939-1A 3 Position Terminal Block aligned in one row JB939-1A Datasheet


JB940-1A Stainless steel, 3/8" NPT cord grip, cable range.118" - .250" (3.00 - 6.35 mm) JB940-1A Datasheet