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As a CTC Master Distributor in Arizona, we have found that CTC’s product is second to none! Buying products from CTC means you never have to worry about defects or warranty issues, as once you buy it you are covered for life with their unconditional lifetime warranty on all CTC Line products. On the rare occasion of product damage or failure, CTC has always replaced the product for free, no matter the reason. We’re also proud to work with CTC over other companies because they are a family-owned ... and operated business that manufactures their products in the USA. They are also huge supporters of small, veteran-owned and operated businesses, like JetTech Mechanical, and uphold the same values as we do – an unwavering commitment to integrity and quality that is second to none.
Brian J. Franks
JetTech Mechanical, LLC
Brian J. Franks photo
I have been a CTC customer for over 15 years. I continue to purchase CTC Products for many reasons, quality products, friendly customer service and technical support, prompt delivery and their unique Unconditional Warranty. The warranty is not only unconditional but remarkably easy to exercise. It has been my experience with warranties from other manufacturers in general that they look great when I purchase a product but much harder to negotiate when a claim is necessary! CTC is very differen ... t, if you have any reason to process a claim, all that is required is to go to the website and fill out the RMA form, return the failed hardware and it will soon be returned either repaired or replaced. I have had customers run into the CTC hardware with heavy equipment, beat the hardware while servicing their manufacturing equipment, catch their equipment on fire (there wasn’t much left to return) but remarkably without any need to do more than described above their CTC hardware was replaced. There is one particular circumstance that I wish to mention. I find this to be even more extraordinary than the more typical warranty scenarios mentioned above. I have a customer that is a municipal water utility. Their water supply pumps are substantially larger than average. In fact, they hope to not remove these pumps due to their large size and expense of installation in any time period less than 10 years. I have been using CTC accelerometers and cables on underwater pump applications for many years very successfully. This customer was planning to remove and repair several of their pumps for a routine upgrade. I was able to persuade them that obtaining vibration measurements directly from the pump would be beneficial. Within a few days of installation, both sensors failed. CTC not only replaced the failed sensors (without a product return, as they were inaccessible) but in this circumstance, they doubled the volume as we felt bad about their unusual experience and this would allow them to place sensors on the next two pumps. About a month after the second pump was installed these sensors also failed. CTC Owner, Todd Cook was notified of the failures. Immediately testing was done for water incursion and it was discovered that recently an automated welding machine was updated at the factory, regrettably, it was not set up properly by the manufacturer after purchase, which allowed water incursion into the sensor. Todd requested that the sensors and cables be returned, so he could replace them. Unfortunately, this was not an average installation and it was cost-prohibitive to remove the pumps from the river. Todd asked if there was any other way to access the sensors. The customer somewhat jokingly mentioned that they occasionally use a dive team. Todd requested they get a quote and commissioned the dive team to replace all the sensors. Previously, leak testing was not performed on every sensor that was produced. Now, as a result, 100% of the sensors are leak tested. The replaced sensors currently remain in service many years later. In a world of sometimes less than satisfactory customer service, it is a pleasure to write this testimonial!
Jim Lancaster
IR Technologies
Jim Lancaster photo
CTC offers high-quality products at a good price compared to other companies. All of the sensors, the cable, and accessories ordered from CTC are still working very well after two years. The materials used to manufacture the sensors are great, and the sensors have a high-quality finish. The readings which I measure with these sensors are very accurate. The cable is made of high-quality material that can withstand high temperatures. The compatibility of CTC products with all vibration data collec ... tor devices and most of their systems is essential.
Mohammed Abubakr Abubakr Ahmed Elrayes
Mohammed Abubakr Abubakr Ahmed Elrayes photo
The cables I have gotten from CTC are superior to the OEM cables. The design and construction are very robust and resistant to everyday industrial abuse. The switch boxes are designed for easy cable connection and hold up well.
Gary Benner
Nippon Dynawave Liquid Packaging
Gary Benner photo
CTC offers a complete catalog of sensors and cables that suited our project needs, with fast shipping and technical support. CTC’s comprehensive catalog of accelerometers and sensors has enabled us to complete complex projects on time and within budget. The quality, fit, and finish have always been top-notch which has instilled confidence in the brand and proven CTC’s ability to provide refined solutions. The Cable Wizard on the CTC website is incredibly easy to use and is the tool I use the mos ... t on the website. I will continue to use CTC solutions, especially within the new offerings in ultrasound, trial, and cable management systems.
Mike Ciocys
Mike Ciocys photo
I choose CTC over other companies because their products are of great quality, exceeding its competitors widely. I have had the opportunity to work with vibration sensors and boxes for taking readings, and the quality of these products is superior compared to other manufacturers. I am very satisfied with CTC products.
Jose Espinoza Rodriguez
Edwards Lifesciences
Jose Espinoza Rodriguez photo
I have chosen to work with CTC over other companies because of their efficiency and ability to meet our needs. I think at this point, we have sold hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of CTC remote equipment and I have never heard of any quality complaints, or any other complaints. I know when quoting CTC products to my customer, that they will be satisfied with the quality of the product, and are likely to come back again. The sales team has always gone above and beyond for me and my custome ... rs. Their product knowledge, and their ability and willingness to always help and somehow exceed my expectations are priceless and greatly appreciated.
Coleen White
Coleen White photo
One of our customers may ask for accelerometers and accessories and I immediately go to CTC. They are always fast and they don’t mess the order up. What I ask for is what I get. CTC is good at identifying what the customer needs and fulfilling it. They make product suggestions, and we move forward with them. They don’t try to push any products on us that aren’t the right fit. They do what’s best for us. We have been very happy with CTC’s technical service. If we have questions or need help, they ... just take care of the problem. We were sick of paying a lot of money for cables, so some of the guys in the department were making and fixing their own. After some time, we decided to try out one CTC accelerometer cable for each technician. That way, if something goes wrong with them, CTC will replace it through their warranty. We’ve been so pleased that we now have several cables per technician. We share the good word about CTC. When someone asks where we get our cables or accelerometers, we immediately think of CTC. One, because their pricing is so good; and two, because their warranty is excellent.
Dave Felton
L&S Electric, Inc.
Dave Felton photo
At Azima, we monitor and diagnose the condition of critical equipment via the Web. Leading industrial companies depend on Azima experts to analyze machine data remotely, so it’s crucial that we install hardware at their sites that are reliable, accurate, and require little maintenance. That’s why we rely on CTC to provide us with top-quality sensors and cables that get the job done. CTC backs their products with an Unconditional Lifetime Warranty and we can always count on them for quick deliver ... y.
Heather De Jesus
Heather De Jesus photo
I have been using CTC since the company started. I am very happy with all of their products. I use CTC for my customers and for my own personal use. I use their website and customer service to create comprehensive quotes for my customers. The prices and quality are top-notch. Their engineers are always ready with answers to application questions. All in all, their quality and service are excellent, their unconditional lifetime guarantee is unbeatable. I will continue to use them and recommend th ... eir products to customers and friends.
Joe Balkovec
LBS Reliability Services
Joe Balkovec photo
CTC has been very accommodating. There was a situation where I required a special order, and they were extremely flexible and designed a cable that met my specific need. Their technical support is great. Whenever I have questions, I know I can call them and get answers quickly. I chose CTC because of their quality products and timeliness. I get the products fast and they have always held up. I’ve never had any problems with them wearing out prematurely.
Joe Dominick
Joe Dominick photo
Low cost, superior performance, and great customer support are the reasons we purchase CTC products. CTC’s accelerometer quality and unconditional lifetime warranty were the key factors in convincing management to outfit more cooling towers.
John McConville
Bristol Myers Squibb
John McConville photo
CTC produces the highest quality products in the world, especially transducers (Accelerometers and Velocity Meters). The accelerometers, cables, connectors, and adapters are made with high-quality materials and are proven reliable and compatible with Emerson CSI 2130 and 2140 vibration analyzers. The cable has a long life, even when we are using the cable for every vibration job in the field with hot and hazardous environments. CTC is responsive and provides full technical support for all produc ... ts.
PT Gamma Energi Pratama
Jamaludin photo
I've chosen CTC over other companies because of their extensive stock range available with short lead times, and they offer proven, reliable equipment with widespread compatibility. We have purchased and installed several CTC accelerometers, cables, and junction boxes over the years and installed them on a vast array of industrial equipment; from vibrating screens with aggressive excitation to conveyor installations that frequently experience ambient temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius. We als ... o regularly install CTC sensors to our on-line vibration monitoring systems; which often service highly critical pieces of equipment. In all of these instances, CTC sensors, cables, and junction boxes have helped us deliver robust, reliable condition monitoring capabilities to our clients. CTC always takes the time to inform us of any new products/equipment that may be of interest to us. We have enjoyed a good client/vendor relationship for many years and all of the representatives we have dealt with have provided us with great service and support.
Paul Schulten
PDS Condition Monitoring Services Pty. Ltd.
Paul Schulten photo
I work with CTC because of the durability of their products, and because I've always had a positive experience with their Unconditional Lifetime Warranty on all CTC Line Products. I'm new at reliability but I can tell that this brand is well known in our company because of their products' durability and quality, and CTC is highly recommended by my colleagues.
Elisalde Unday
Elisalde Unday photo
I decided to work with CTC because of their excellent brand values. Working with CTC has been a good experience - our Business Development Representative is supportive of our marketing efforts.
Leonardo Dayon
ALPS Maintaineering Services, Inc.
Leonardo Dayon photo
I work with CTC because of the high-quality cables and sensors, and their customizable cable options. They provide great customer service and make it easy to claim the Unconditional Lifetime Warranty if it is needed.
PT. Tiara Vibrasindo Pratama
Nazlyna photo
CTC offers the best quality products at affordable prices. CTC's products are amazing, and we use their products all over our equipment. We recommend CTC products on all types of equipment.
Gary G. Vergara
United Pulp & Paper Co. Inc. - SCGP
Gary G. Vergara photo
CTC offers a wide range of vibration sensors and accessories at competitive prices for distributors like us. The Unconditional Lifetime Warranty has allowed us to beat the competition in some biddings we participated in. It gives us an advantage being a local distributor over other brands that do not offer lifetime warranties. We installed 64 pieces of accelerometers in UPPC a paper manufacturing plant in 2016. It is already 5 years now, and we have not had to make a warranty claim for the rep ... lacement of broken accelerometers. This is excellent considering this plant has extreme operating conditions. The accelerometers are exposed to extreme heat, high humidity, and corrosive environment.
Joveth P. Abutas
Southern Controls Industrial Supply & Services Corporation
Joveth P. Abutas photo
I choose to work with CTC because of the reliability of their sensors and cables, the lifetime warranty, and because they are a family-owned business. Even though they offer a lifetime warranty, I've never actually had to return a CTC product. We were a long-time reseller of a CTC competitor's products, but then we experienced too many failed accelerometers. To be frank, that other brand was making us look bad. We believe we won't have to worry about that anymore with CTC. Even as a fairly ... new distributor for CTC, I can say that the sales and marketing support they provide is excellent.
Mitchell Stansloski, Ph.D., PE
Pioneer Engineering Company, Voyager Dynamics
Mitchell Stansloski, Ph.D., PE photo
CTC provides a wide range of product advantages and price competitive advantages. I've always had a positive experience with CTC's comprehensive warranties and have received a replacement of failed parts without any cost under the warranty period. They offer very good product quality, and delivery is always on time. CTC provides very good sales service and technical support in responsive time.
Alan Li
Alan Li photo
As PFE Limited is a family-owned business like CTC, we pride ourselves on delivering quality products and services. This is why we have chosen to distribute CTC products, and we also use the products for our own applications. CTC shows the extra care and dedication to quality that we stand for - the products are of the highest build quality, and the staff is incredibly knowledgeable, helpful, and responsive. It is a pleasure to deal with the representatives and the Cook Family.
Jake Ford
PFE Limited
Jake Ford photo
PdMTech has chosen to work with CTC because of their lifetime warranty, the extensive variety of products, and the overall quality and service they provide. We have always had the best experiences with the warranties and it is a great testament to the quality of their products. We have installed CTC's products in all types of environments and weather for more than 15 years. Customers are very satisfied and do not hesitate to request them for their projects. We work with a lot of pharmaceutical ... companies and it is almost a standard in our region to monitor and protect their assets with CTC products. Overall, we have had a great long-term relationship with CTC and I have the best opinion of the company's ownership - communication is always positive and their website works seamlessly.
Victor Hernandez
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