Available Replacement Connector for D2Q

Available Replacement Connector for D2Q

CTC's Q2A and Q2N Connectors offer a more cost-effective alternative to our standard D2Q Connector.

Q2A or Q2N D2Q

Q2A and Q2N Connector Details:

  • Stainless steel connector locking ring (compared to aluminum on D2Q)
  • Custom molded 2 socket polycarbonate (Q2A) or nylon (Q2N) connector insert (CTC controls the manufacturing of this – we own the mold for the inserts, giving CTC superior control over supply chain delays compared to commercially sourced Amphenol or worldwide supplier parts)
  • Internally reinforced aluminum strength collar (same as used in D2Q, with minor dimensional modifications to adapt to the actual 2 socket insert internal to the connector).
  • Polyurethane in-house over-molded bending strain relief (same material, and very similar over-mold construction as D2Q)
  • Lighter weight and smaller form factor than D2Q. This is not typically a driving factor in selecting industrial connectors, however, it does give it a “sleeker” look and form factor. The slight weight advantage does provide an improved pull strength in magnet mounted vibration measurements, in that it won’t mass load the magnet/accelerometer assembly

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